Volvo Car USA said they would deploy camera-based scanning systems for their dealerships, which will be able to inspect cars in seconds.

Scanning technology, developed by the Israeli company UVeye, uses artificial intelligence for a quick overview of the body and tires and provides a 360-degree scan of the exterior. UVeye said dealerships will be able to use the technology to assess trade and check the condition of vehicles entering service.

Technology, appeared at dealerships on Thursdaywill be crucial as EVs begin to dominate the automotive industry, said Rick Bryant, vice president of Volvo Car USA sales Automotive news. Due to the fact that EV does not require oil change, a faster inspection process will give their owners an incentive to visit dealerships more often, he said.

“As it transforms into this business, this new system will become a big customer convenience factor,” he said.

Installation of the technology will be optional for dealerships. The first dealers allowed to install the system will be on the east coast, the company said.

Bryant said he hopes that eventually at least 150 of the 280 Volvo dealers across the country will use the system.

Volvo has been an investor in UVeye since 2019. Volvo is currently using a similar system created by UVeye to inspect the bodywork on its assembly lines, the automaker said.

Bringing this technology to dealerships may require solving some problems first, but it’s a price innovation, Bryant said.

“Every time you start a new venture, there are always forks,” he said. “I anticipate some hiccups, but nothing we can’t overcome.”

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