The Volkswagen Group surprised us by introducing a new design development with Level 5 the possibility of autonomous driving, a modular cabin and a futuristic exterior. The Gen.Travel may not be destined for production, but some of its features may appear in future VW Group models depending on customer response.

Interestingly, the concept is not a VW, as it wears Volkswagen Group branding on both sides. It has unconventional proportions with a vertical windshield that blends into a large greenhouse that is visually separated from the rest of the body. According to its designers, the Gen.Travel concept blurs the lines between MPV and sedan body stylesaimed at the premium segment.

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The transparent part of the cabin reaches waist level, providing maximum visibility from the outside. The model also has two large gull-wing doors for ease of entry/exit, slim LED lights, short hood, black painted fenders, aero wheels and a nice spoiler at the back where there is no rear window.

Even more interesting is the interior of the concept, which is modular and takes advantage of full autonomy (level 5). The concept is designed to offer mobility as a service, with long-distance travel in mind and the use of sustainable upholstery materials.

The meeting-conference structure has four individual seats and a large table between them with dynamic lighting, ideal for a working environment during business trips. There’s also a “night setup” that turns the two front seats into beds with an innovative passenger restraint system that provides “maximum safety even in the reclining position.” The lighting is adjusted accordingly, influencing the production of melatonin to help passengers fall asleep and wake up naturally. Finally, a “family setting” brings augmented reality to the game, keeping kids entertained during family outings.

VW Group hasn’t announced detailed specs for the base, but the concept is apparently all-electric. It also includes a special active suspension called eABC (Electric Active Body Control). maximum comfort. Finally, it uses artificial intelligence and platooning – the term used for autonomous driving in convoys – to improve efficiency and available range.

According to Klaus Zizziori, Volkswagen Group head of design, Gen.Travel offers “a glimpse of the future of travel”, showing us “what autonomous driving will look like”. Beyond the digital world, Gen.Travel also exists in real life as a full-scale model. The concept will be unveiled on September 24 at Chantilly Arts & Elegance near Paris, France.

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