The Honda Civic Si 2022 heavier, less powerful and slower than the car it replaces. It is also more expensive and lacks features that were previously standard. And yet, as explained in this video, we find it remarkable that this turbocharged and hand-shifted sedan costing less than $ 30,000 still exists.

Due to the fact that the number of cars that offer a manual transmission is decreasing, you should understand that the Si only comes with a shift knob. And what immediately becomes clear after a few miles is that someone from the development team took care of its weighing and shifting. This is a great gearbox.

As we reported in our instrumental road test, The Civic Si remains an inexpensive sedan that is easy to live with and enjoyable to drive. The interior is attractive and of decent size, as demonstrated by producer / editor Alexander Malburg in this video from the back seat. Even the fuel economy is strong, at 31 mpg together.

What about slow performance? As our test data show, the differences are insignificant. For example, the result of the acceleration test of the 2022 Civic Si with acceleration from 5 to 60 miles per hour corresponded to the results of the latest generation, so you will not notice changes in the real ride. On the other hand, in winter you will notice a lack of heated seats.

Our only real complaint is the one that also applied to the previous generation Si: when shifting gears at high speeds and with the throttle wide open, the engine speed increases and hangs while you shift gears. You should either wait for the engine speed to drop to shift smoothly, or accept awkward gear shifting when you re-engage the clutch. This feature becomes especially obvious in contrast to how well the converter feels.

Overall, the Civic Si is a great and affordable family passenger. So we called him Fr. 2022 edition selection in the category of compact sports cars. And we still want to see what Honda is preparing next generation Type R.

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