Some clothing and motorcycles have little or no load capacity. However, a rider may need a little extra carrying capacity, if only to carry some essentials. Where a backpack can’t be perfect Designed by WaterField has a great new solution, the WaterField motosling.WaterField Moto Sling Review: For SaleA front sling design with a quick-release magnetic buckle makes the Moto Sling gear quick and easy to put on and take off. Placing your belongings on a motorcycle is definitely convenient. Large zippered tabs allow two main compartments to be opened in riding gloves or winter gloves. The zipper openings are large enough for easy access to the contents with gloved hands.WaterField Moto Sling Review: PriceThe main compartment measures 12″ by 2″ and includes four 5.25″ by 4″ interior open pockets. The outer secondary pocket measures 7.5 by 5.5 inches. It is divided into two full-width pockets and has two 4.5-by-4.5-inch open pockets. Being a textile and leather product, the shape of the WaterField Moto Sling can expand and change to accommodate more cargo than its dimensions suggest. The strong nylon strap is 1.5 inches wide with a wide range of adjustment, while the 3 by 11-inch wide shoulder pad makes relatively heavy loads in the pack lighter and more comfortable.Next to the bag, a smooth nylon magnetic buckle slides up instead of the usual squeeze-and-release type. Again, the release is easy to operate, even with heavy gloves. One end of the bag has nylon loops for gloves and eyeglass loops. During my cool-weather ride, I was able to load quite a bit of kit into the WaterField Moto Sling — road maps , flashlight, notebook, pen, extra gloves (Rev’It! Neutron gloves), knitted cap, multi-title, Tactica toolsunglasses, spare reading glasses, matches and a pocket knife.WaterField Moto Sling Review: CargoAlthough the Moto Sling was designed primarily for motorcyclists and scooter riders, I found it comfortable to use on my mountain bike. Come my Wisconsin winter, this will come in handy when I’m Sno-Runner skiing or cross-country skiing. The Moto Sling is made with waterproof materials and bi-directional waterproof zippers, so exposure to rain, snow, sleet and melting snow shouldn’t be a problem. It is known that the materials used are also able to withstand a beating.WaterField Moto Sling Review: MSRPThere are four material options: wax canvas with chocolate leather, black ballistic nylon with black leather (reviewed here), black ballistic nylon with chocolate leather, and all black ballistic nylon. The back of the bag is padded and lined with nylon mesh for comfort. List price for the WaterField Moto Sling is $179, regardless of the materials used.

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