This morning in San Francisco a fully autonomous fully electric Jaguar I-PACE without a driver behind the wheel took engineer Waymo to get morning coffee and go to work

This morning in San Francisco a fully autonomous fully electric Jaguar I-PACE without a driver behind the wheel chose Engineer Waymo to get his morning coffee and go to work. Since exchange so that we were ready to take the next step and start testing fully autonomous actions in the city, we started fully autonomous trips with our San Francisco staff. They are now joining the thousands of Waymo One racers we serve in Arizona, making fully autonomous driving technology a part of their daily lives.

“We are particularly excited about this next phase of our journey, as we are officially bringing our technology only to riders in San Francisco – a city that many of us at Waymo call home,” said co-CEO Tekedro Mawakana. “We’ve learned so much from our trusted testers in San Francisco over the past six months, not to mention the countless lessons our riders have learned over the years since launching our fully autonomous service in the East Phoenix Valley. Both have directly affected the way we promote our service when we welcome our first employees to SF ”.

Although the removal of human-drivers from our cars in San Francisco is a significant milestone, Waymo is not the first to deploy fully autonomous vehicles in the city. This step, which we are taking at SF, is due to years of experience deploying our technology in the East Phoenix Valley, starting first with our Early Rider program (now Trusted Tester) in 2017 and then introducing fully autonomous public attractions in 2020 to cater. hundreds of rides weekly. Our commitment to Phoenix and its community remains strong, and we will soon be expanding into another region: downtown Phoenix. As before, we’ll start by saying that Waymo staff welcome trips with autonomous driving professionals to open it to the public shortly thereafter through our Trusted Tester program.

All of this combined experience, not to mention valuable feedback from our riders, allows us to continue to build up incredible operational experience in deploying and operating a fully autonomous fleet. It is noteworthy that this is the first time that any company operates completely autonomously in several cities at the same time, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve more riders and continue to learn from them.

“Creating a safe, reliable and comprehensive autonomous driver – Waymo Driver – whose capabilities and performance are well transferred between geographies and product lines is our main goal,” said Dmitry Dolgov, co-CEO of Waymo. “Just like our previous experience. allowed us to quickly and confidently deploy our 5th generation driver in San Francisco, a combination of our experience in San Francisco and East Phoenix Valley, grounded in millions of miles of real driving and increased billions of miles passed in the simulation, already driving our progress at the center the city of Phoenix and sets us up for the future expansion of our fully autonomous travel service.

All these important steps help bring us closer to our mission – to make it safer and easier for people and things to get where they are going. We are excited that our teammates in San Francisco, who are working tirelessly to help create the Waymo Driver, now, along with enthusiastic residents who are members of our Trusted Tester program, can ride with us around the city. If you are interested in helping us shape the future of autonomous driving, no matter Reliable tester or the future Weimanautwe would like you to be with us.


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