Gone are the days when dashboards were full of buttons and switches that control all the various functions of a car. Instead of looking like the cockpit of a small old plane, modern cars look more like from a movie script in the future, thanks infotainment displays. It made us wonder which of them implemented the system in the best way?

The very first infotainment system we would recognize actually appeared on the Buick Riviera. However, it was so rude that Buick actually removed it just a couple of years later, and we won’t see another major step forward until around 2012.

That’s when Tesla debuted a giant touch screen with a portrait layout the infotainment system, which was basically the beginning of this whole conversation. It was so fast, so easy to use and so impressive that only the best systems available today have really caught up.

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For example, Ford and Stellantis have introduced screens of similar size to get overwhelmingly positive responses. The Uconnect system in many Dodge, Jeep and RAM products is respected as one of the best in business today thanks to its ease of use and excellent graphics. A new front infotainment screen for passengers the Jeep Grand Wagoneer is also particularly impressive.

Of course, it’s hard to ignore what seems to be the new king of infotainment systems that has recently left Germany. Mercedes-Benz seems to have decided to just place as many screens as possible on the dashboard.

The result is what it calls a Hyperscreen, and it has a total screen of 56 inches in between, which is actually three different displays under a glass panel that spans from one side of the dashboard to the other.

However, it is plausible that size does not matter, and functionality and simple elegance are the most important set of factors. Kia UVO system is excellent and deserves special mention here.

We may have missed something, so let us know below. Which infotainment display is actually the best available on the market today and what are the aspects that make it so great in your eyes?


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