When you buy used car and find an amazing problem or two, often throwing it to a local mechanic to sort out the problem. Unfortunately for one of my friends, this work stopped abruptly when a nail (yes, one that kills) was found in the store, hammered into a fuse box with a wire wrapped around it, and fed into the abyss of the dashboard.

The car in question is a 2006 convertible MINI Cooper with four-cylinder turbocharged engine. A friend of mine just bought it last month and recommended giving it to good people at One Way Automotive in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The mission was to complete the oil change and conduct a general inspection of the car.

Initially, the store found that the folding top did not work constantly and that in the history of this car there could be water damage. Then, in an attempt to sniff out the problem with the folding top, this strange situation with nails was found. One Way Automotive store manager told Carscoops he had never seen anything like it.

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At this point the store is a little heavy to keep digging. As mentioned in previous posts, I had my fair share of BMW products and I know from experience that electricity problems can be a rat’s nest that will never end once you start pulling on threads or, in this case, wires. What One Way doesn’t want to do is spend the customer’s money and end up not finding a real solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, the owner did not conduct a pre-purchase inspection, and the dealer in question, Brooks Autoplex of North Little Rock, Arena, has no return policy. At this point, they have not even handed over the title to the new owner. Despite this, the likelihood of a worse scenario made my friend spin his wheels.

While it is likely that the fix will remain in just an hour or two, it may take much longer to figure out the situation with the nails and the folding top. This says nothing about other issues that may arise during the investigation.

Of course, it is possible that the main problems and nails are not related, but without careful examination it can be difficult to find out.


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