And destroyed Jeep Wrangler The Rubicon was shot on the side of a road in New South Wales, Australia, creating a very amazing scene.

The story behind it Wrangler remains a mystery, but it has obviously suffered so much damage that it will probably never be managed again.

First, both front wheels are now out of place, inevitably due to major suspension damage. In addition, both rear tires are deflated and the entire front wheel arch is missing.

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It is unknown how Wrangler was thrown to the sidelines. Obviously, it cannot be controlled in its current state, and the damage done may lead you to believe that it fell from the sky in the scene of the movie “Fast and Furious”. One possible explanation is that the jeep was damaged in the crash and then transported on a truck that unloaded it on the road.

A large sticker attached to one of the rear side windows confirms that the jeep was reported to local authorities, but they have not yet removed it.

Adding to the mystery Wrangler these are a few modifications made to it that will make you believe that it belongs to an ardent enthusiast whom you would not expect to just give up your pride and joy. Among the modernizations are the installation of LED floodlights in the front, a roof rack and a large awning.

Do you have any idea why someone abandoned the Jeep Wrangler like this?

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