I, as uncharacteristically early, was quickly ushered into an empty passenger seat and we lined up to get on the track.

You may need a little explanation at this point, given what you’re going to read a little below. This, although timed and held as a real special unit, is largely a demonstration.

It is expected that the navigators will not deliver testimony, although I could correct my own for the next trip – given what was to happen.

Coming down from the top of the hill, the first stanza of the scene resembles a street chain, with bales of hay lining the course, leaving very little room for error. Their proximity only intensifies the insane speeds that such machines can do on a wide variety of surfaces. Upon entering the forest itself, there is a quick sequence from right to left to right before you can really open the cranes and fly by car – literally – over the widest open part of the stage.


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