One could completely forget about his fitness, and the Aeroblade Aston Martin DB11 ($ 205,000) would still be as cool as hell – with a name like that can’t be? The Aeroblade, which is also now found on the DBS Superleggera models, is an extremely functional and intelligent design element that helps to create the proper downforce at speed. Front, side, and rear spoilers are commonly used for this, but these are Aston Martin, and Aston Martins are not cheap and not cheap in appearance, and would never be content to use such primitive equipment. The aeroblade, which can be in different finishes and in the same or contrasting colors, draws in air and directs it inside the body, through the C-pillar and out. By the time it exits the Aeroblade system, the air has been treated in such a way that it pushes the car at speed. These are high-tech, unique, sexy shapes: this is Aston Aeroblade.

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