Craig is a professional driver who should be better than that.

Let’s be honest, he is far from the first to go through this process. Sebastien Ogier himself went through a terrible time eight times in 2009 before anything went wrong. He finished second in Greece and won WRC stages less than a year later.

And sometimes it doesn’t click. Francois Duval was, in my opinion, one of the most talented riders of his generation. There was something special about him. When he crashed in Cyprus in 2005, his co-driver Stéphane Prevost told him in no uncertain terms to stay with the car and do nothing – of course, don’t try to start the car with all those dry summer leaves around.

Prevost was running up the stage to slow down the following car when he heard the Xsara WRC overturn. The next thing? You got it. The foliage caught and took the Citroën with it.

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