Black Edition (or “Blackline” or “Midnight Edition”) models are everywhere these days. A cursory look through our archives shows that everyone from Volvo to Volkswagen and Ram to Bentley is blacking out their vehicles. Our question, however, is who wore it better?

The idea behind the black edition is pretty simple: Make the car darker. This often means a dark coat of paint, black leather, and sometimes even blacked-out badges. Black has always been a popular color, and let’s be honest, most cars look good painted it.

However, not all Black Editions include the specified paint tone. The idea has become so ubiquitous that automakers sell black cars with gray or even white paint. It may sound funny, but they often do a feature of darkened bright works and wheels.

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And that sort of gets to the core of what black publishing really is. Making the whole machine more sinister is part of it, but stripping is just as important (if not more). chrome and replace it with black.

Popularity equipment package indicates a change in tastes away from the bright chrome of days gone by in favor of a subtle dark finish that can act like a cartoonist’s outline, better defining the car’s boundaries and better emphasizing its design through contrast.

But that’s not all; Mercedes Black Series, who may have started the trend, adds strength to the mix. In that case, the cars gloominess seems to have more to do with it being designed for performance rather than luxury as the chrome might suggest.

Most manufacturers, however, are happy to simply change the look of their “black edition” cars. And while it might not be all that exciting, and it’s not the most original design package, it’s hard to deny that most look pretty good.

Which looks the best and which car has the best ‘Black Edition’ trim? Let us know in the comments.