“I was so proud of myself and also thanks to Jana [Ferm, co-driver], which managed to do after a long break. And thinking about Monza 2020, I really thought that maybe the career was over, but to step on the podium again after thinking like that, it felt really good.”

You can call it redemption, but also validation. If Lappa had any doubts about what he really wanted, they were truly gone.

And the good times continued. Well, Sardinia was disappointing when Lappi made a very small mistake and dropped out of the lead, and a puncture caused by landing over a jump brought back the dejected, unsure and exhausted version of Lappi we’ve come to see in the past.

But a third place in Finland – complete with some brilliant pictures of his Yaris without a roof for the album – and another podium in Belgium (Lappi’s first consecutive podium in his WRC career) were brilliant and would have earned him a third in a row in If In Greece, his Yaris did not run out of fuel.


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