The middleweight street fighter segment has many fans around the world Honda introduced the new CB750 Hornet manage it. However, Art Yamaha MT-07 was the king of sales, and Team Blue made it even better in 2023. So, is the Honda or the Yamaha more deserving of your hard-earned money?

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2023 Yamaha MT-07 vs Honda CB750 Hornet – Engine

Specification Yamaha MT-07 Honda CB750 Hornet
Engine 689cc, twin-cylinder, four-valve engine 755cc, twin-cylinder, eight-cylinder engine
Power 72.4 horsepower 90.6 horsepower
Torque 49.42 lb-ft 54.9 lb-ft
Gear box Six-speed Six-speed
Weight 184 kg (405 lb) 190 kg (418 lb)


The Yamaha MT-07 doesn’t boast any mechanical upgrades for 2023, and that bites it hard. Not only is the MT-07’s 66cc engine smaller, it also suffers from an 18.2 horsepower deficit compared to the Hornet. The Honda even has more torque and two more valves per cylinder, which provides better top end grunt, making it a clean sweep for the Hornet in the engine department. Meanwhile, the Yammie’s only “pro” is its curb weight of 405 pounds, but the CB750’s power advantage is simply too much to overcome.

2023 Yamaha MT-07 vs. Honda CB750 Hornet – Basics and Dimensions

There are no changes in the MT-07 design for 2023

Specification Yamaha MT-07 Honda CB750 Hornet
chassis Diamond Diamond
Front suspension Telescopic forks Adjustable upside down forks
Rear suspension A nun A nun
Front brake 2x 298mm disc brakes 2x 296mm disc brakes
Rear brake One disc 245 mm One disk 240 mm
Seat height 805 mm 795 mm
Fuel tank capacity 14 liters 15.2 liters

These two bikes are identical in most aspects as they share the same disc brake sizes, rear suspension and chassis types. However, the Hornet comes out on top again thanks to its 10mm lower seat height, larger fuel tank and, most importantly, Showa SFF-BP USD adjustable forks. The latter will allow the rider to adjust the front suspension and will cause more confidence in turns.

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2023 Yamaha MT-07 vs Honda CB750 Hornet – Features

The Hornet boasts a TFT instrument cluster with more than enough driver aids

Features Yamaha MT-07 Honda CB750 Hornet
TFT instrument panel Yes (5 inches) Yes (5 inches)
Fully LED lighting yes yes
Two-channel ABS yes yes
Traction control no yes
Driving modes no yes
Wheel steering no yes
Connecting to a smartphone yes yes

The Yamaha MT-07 has a new Bluetooth equipped TFT instrument cluster for 2023. While it’s a nice addition, it’s still not enough to keep up with the Honda Hornet, which gets driving aids like a kitchen sink. Some might argue that Honda is overreacting, but let’s not forget that these riding aids can be lifesavers on the road, especially for inexperienced riders.

2023 Yamaha MT-07 vs Honda CB750 Hornet – Verdict

Studio shot of the 2023 Honda CB750 Hornet

Yamaha MT-07 Honda CB750 Hornet
Price £7,200 ($8,327) [2022 model] £6,999 ($8,094)

As you can see, the Honda Hornet undercuts the 2022 Yamaha MT-07 by about $200, and that difference will only increase when pricing for the MT-07 is released. So the Honda Hornet looks like an easy choice here with better performance, features and underpinnings than the MT. Take it with a grain of salt, though, because only actual tests tell the full story, and they can be really eye-opening. In the meantime, we’re happy to call the CB750 the new king of this segment. However, both bikes have yet to arrive in the States and will likely hit dealerships in early 2023.

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