The XiM23 Demonstrator is a vision of future luxury from the world’s leading automotive supplier, Yanfeng

The XiM23 Demonstrator is a vision of future luxury from the world’s leading automotive supplier, Yanfeng. Inspired by the company’s recently published Luxury Research Study, the XiM23 uses interior modes to showcase the company’s extensive integration capabilities, where digital technology and innovation transform interior functions into a user-centric luxury experience.

Conclusions of Art A study of luxury identified five aspects of luxury that must be present for an experience to become and remain luxurious. These results, compiled from interviews describing more than 200 luxury experiences from five countries, reveal what matters to users when it comes to luxury.

“After our global research team analyzed the data, we gained a clear understanding of five key aspects of luxury: simplicity, service, personalization, control and comfort,” said Beth McGough, senior manager of Global User Research. “Each user will have a different and ever-changing combination of these five aspects to create a luxurious experience. Based on our findings, creating luxury requires that the automotive experience constantly adapts to the changing needs and expectations of users in the car.”

“When discussing how luxury will evolve, there are two schools of thought that emerge in discussions with our customers,” said Tim Shea, vice president of design and user experience. “The former is an emphasis on digital technologies that enhance the user experience, while the latter relies on traditional symbols of luxury such as premium materials and finishes. What our research has shown – and what we explored at XiM23 – is that the luxury solution is not one or the other, but rather a dynamic combination of the two to create a holistic and highly personalized interior.”

Calm & Rich modes offer users a luxurious experience

Through unique experience modes, XiM23 shows how traditionally luxurious functions can be enhanced with technological integration, becoming infinitely flexible and intelligently organized to address the five aspects of luxury, meeting the needs, wants and preferences of users.

“For the past two years, our team has been planning every interaction in XiM23,” said Director of Global User Interface Design Andreas Deibser. “In terms of user interface, this is one of the most significant concept cars Yanfeng has ever created. The integration of digital technologies provides greater flexibility and new opportunities to adapt the interior to the changing wishes and needs of the users.’

Connected to a mobile app, the XiM23 recognizes passengers, adjusting its settings according to preferences assigned by the driver. When approached, the XiM23’s single-post front seats swivel and the rear seats slide forward for ease of entry, welcoming passengers. This initial experience, known as Calm Mode, is visually simple and elegant. There are no screens and the interior lighting is soft and airy.

“Lighting plays an important role in the XiM23,” noted John Vincent, Principal Designer and Project Manager. “Aesthetically, it helps us create the right atmosphere in the cabin and the design features of the spotlights, as you see in our doors, floor console and dashboard, which look like they are floating. The lighting is also a communication tool, guiding the user how to use or control functions as they progress through each mode.”

Once the XiM23 recognizes that the driver has settled in, the front seats return to their forward-facing positions and the steering wheel, equipped with secret lighting and controls, lights up. Rising up with the dash is a slim, pillar-to-pillar curved 8K display, along with two slim touchscreen displays in the floor console.

When users want to switch from the serene Calm mode to the more interactive Rich Mode, the power is in their hands via the multi-controller, a “phytial” innovation that combines a physical dial with gesture control and interactive smart surfaces. When you move your hand over the multi-controller, Rich Mode is activated for a few seconds, and the interior begins to change dramatically. The cabin’s ambient lighting tones change and become brighter, while the instrument panel display is enlarged from 50mm to 100mm, showing additional features and offers for passengers to choose from. The two center console displays are fully expandable, accessible to all passengers and providing additional options for service, personalization and comfort.

Autonomous driving provides a more immersive and immersive experience

In both Calm and Rich experience modes, the car defaults to a manual driving scenario with second-level driving features such as blind spot monitoring, hands-off detection and forward collision warning, complemented by interior lighting. When users are ready for a level four autonomous experience, it’s as easy as pressing the illuminated “Autodrive” button on the steering wheel.

“Incorporating level four autonomy into the XiM23 concept allowed the team to further explore an interior that is not limited by the safety requirements of manual control,” Shi said. “For Yanfeng, this expanded scope is a glimpse into the future, demonstrating how the mobility experience can evolve as autonomous technology advances.”

When the XiM23 switches to fully autonomous mode, the multi-sensory experience becomes completely immersive. Lighting is further enhanced by overhead lighting and lugs, while all four seats recline. Rear passengers enjoy a gravity-free, massaged deep position with the Yanfeng Hover Seat. The theatrical atmosphere draws all eyes to the front of the cabin, where the pillar-to-pillar display fully extends to 200mm so users can enjoy music, movies or other content tailored to their journey.

“The XiM23 concept develops Yanfeng’s eXperience in Motion (XiM) principle into the luxury segment. The changes in societal values, which Yanfeng first explored in his 2018 Quality of Life Study and continued in this latest luxury study, reflect the continuous shift from possessions to experiences,” Shi said. “With a complete automotive portfolio including seating, safety, cabin electronics and interiors, Yanfeng is well positioned to deliver new and compelling experiences in the automotive and future mobility space.”

SOURCE: Yanfeng

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