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Yotta Energy introduces new 3-phase microinverters – pv magazine USA


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American storage system manufacturer Yotta Energy introduced a new three-phase dual-feed microinverter for commercial rooftop PV applications.

The new DPI microinverters will be available in both 208V and 480V versions and will include several key features, including integrated phase monitoring/phase balancing, NEC 2020 690.12 fast tripping compliance and UL 1741-SA compliance (Regulation 21 ),” the press secretary of the company informed about this pv magazine. “Each DPI supports four high-capacity solar modules.”

Inverters measure 359 mm x 242 mm x 46 mm and weighs 6 kg. They have peak efficiency of 96.5% and nominal maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency of 99.5%.

The operating voltage range is 26 V to 60 V and the maximum input voltage is 60 V. The maximum continuous output power for the 208 V product is 1728 VA and 1800 VA for the 480 V product. The inverters also feature of the cooling system based on natural convection and come with 10-year warranties that can be extended to 25 years, the manufacturer said.

“This interactive microinverter features reactive power control (RPC) technology that exceeds recent NEC Rapid Shutdown requirements,” the company said. “Microinverters are a safe bet compared to high voltage string inverters and eliminate the risk of DC arcing.”

The inverters are manufactured in Taiwan for Yotta Energy through a strategic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership with a Seattle-based microinverter specialist. AP systems.

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