Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has announced that its sales and marketing director Jadwinder Singh Guleria has resigned, although he will continue to work for the company until June 2022.

Guleria has been part of a Japanese two-wheeler campaign for more than two decades since its inception in 1999 and cited personal reasons for its decision to leave. In addition to marketing and sales, he was involved in many important functions, including customer service, logistics, brand and communication, as well as HMSI’s new vertical of his premium motorcycle business, under which he created his BigWing Topline and BigWing outlets.

A bachelor of engineering from the Punjab College of Engineering, Guleria became head of the sales department responsible for domestic sales and distribution in 2000 and worked for 11 years before receiving a promotion as senior vice president of sales and marketing in 2012.

He was elevated to the company’s board of directors in 2020. According to Atsushi Agatha, Managing Director, President and CEO of HMSI, “Jadwinder Singh Guleria has been a part of HMSI since its inception and has made an invaluable contribution to expanding and accelerating our business while managing several critical functions in the company. He named the personal reasons for his decision, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. “

Under the leadership of Guleria HMSI has maintained a leading position in the scooter market of the country. Honda Activa continues to dominate the market for over 20 years. Launched in 2001, it has revolutionized the scooter market with its avatar gear and still sells well more than 20,000,000 units in India. In just 20 years, Activa has sold more than 2 rupees or 20 million units. Count and get 2740 Activas sold every day for 7300 days in India including weekends!

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