Founded in 2017, Zapp EV designs and manufactures high-performance electric motorcycles. Its first product, the i300, is the first of its kind in that it combines superbike-like acceleration and lightweight scooter-style maneuverability with ultra-portable battery packs, providing a unique combination of performance and affordability.

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The i300’s lightweight alloy and composite body reduces its total weight to just 92 kilograms (without batteries). Using an IPM engine and a carbon fiber belt drive, the i300 accelerates to 30 mph in 2.2 seconds (0 to 50 kph in 2.35 seconds).

The i300 incorporates Gen-2 sustainability concepts, including a low-component exoskeleton architecture and a choice of interchangeable front fenders in three first-to-market versions. The first two are made from Zapp’s proprietary No-Oven-No-Autoclave (“NONA”) low-energy composite materials, both carbon fiber and hemp. A third is made from ocean-recycled plastic.

With numerous personalization options offered with every i300, the Zapp Experience Center will be the place for customers to create and specify their bike to their exact requirements and preferences, and take the i300 for a test ride on the surrounding roads and the famous Bicester Proving Ground. The same will be true for future Zapp EV products. The center will also serve as a global sales and technical training center for Zapp’s network of authorized resellers.

Bicester Heritage, part of the umbrella brand Bicester Motion, celebrates all aspects of movement, from the historic car and aviation to electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous flight. Zapp is a welcome addition, creating original design solutions for mobility that put customer experience and full-cycle sustainability first.

Daniel Geoghegan, Chief Executive of Bicester Motion, commented: “As our Heritage Quarter and the wider Bicester Motion site continue to grow, we look forward to welcoming more EV-focused brands like Zapp who are creating and producing truly unique solutions for mobility”.

Swin Chatsuwan, founder of Zapp, added: “As a team, we are very excited to be moving to Bicester Heritage, a place that celebrates both the history and the future of mobility. We can’t wait to continue manufacturing and delivering our i300 to current and future customers.”

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