“This year I knew I was going to be fast and I knew I was going to be on top – we saw the pace in Minneapolis was really good. [There was] some things I could have done better, but it’s always when you miss so much, you always, at least for me, need a race or something to go.

“Accident [in Minnesota] it was very sad at one point, but I can’t do much about the puncture at the wrong time, so it was a shame not to get the result, I think the podium I definitely felt was possible and Travis was very fast, but I felt that I was the one who could really give him a run for his money in the finale.

“It was a shame, but yeah, the championship, I didn’t think too much about it.”

Having recovered to the point he can compete back on the grid, and with the car “the finished product” according to Eriksson, he can fully focus on the races ahead.

“Now I don’t have to think about it, I’ll also be the team manager, so I’m doing that and I can focus on my own races, so now I want to think more about the results,” he says. “Obviously, all things considered, what happened this year, it’s been a very strange year.”