As a sports bike rider, you want to push your bike to the limit and find out what it’s really capable of. There is just one small problem. You cannot legally do this on public roads. This is one of the reasons track days are very popular. Become one with your bike as you lean into corners and discover what your bike is really capable of. To make the most of your day at the track, you need a bike built for it. These are the top 10 bikes that consistently perform well on the track.


10/10 Kawasaki Ninja 600

2022 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R on stand in the paddock posing at the racetrack

This jack-of-all-trades bike is perfect for the rider who is more advanced than a beginner, but not quite an expert. It’s a mid-range bike that’s versatile enough to make every mid-ranger happy. Don’t let the sleepy performance at lower revs fool you. Once you get over 6000rpm the bike wakes up. Become a power band and you can hone your skills. In the hands of the right rider, this bike can outperform many of the liter bikes you see on the track. While riding this bike, you will feel the tires strongly, which will sharpen your senses. The pegs are also higher than normal, giving you more room to lean on.

9/10 Aprilia RS660

A panoramic shot of the Aprilia RS 660 race track

It took Aprilia a long time to enter a decent sports ring. However, they came out with a bang by introducing the RS660. This affordable sports bike has all the quality and technology that comes with the bigger and more expensive Aprilias. Squat down and you’ll immediately notice an overly aggressive forward body position. You will become one with the bike as you dominate the turns at full throttle. You will need to make some minor adjustments. For example, the running boards are lower than a typical super sports car. This makes the bike versatile for track and street use.

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8/10 Yamaha YZF-R7

The R7 replaces the much-loved R6. Although the R7 is not as fast and aggressive as its predecessor, he still boasts impressive stats. Yamaha built it from the ground up with weight in mind. This makes the bike extremely manoeuvrable and manoeuvrable. However, it’s also well balanced so you never feel like you’re being dropped. Unlike other track bikes, the engine has impressive tractor-like torque. No more twisting and turning the throttle. Just power and exit from the turn. This type of tuning makes it ideal for beginners. Tilt and tilt will feel intuitive and natural.

7/10 Ducati SuperSport 950Red Ducati SuperSport 950

“Simple” and “practical” are not words you usually hear when describing a sleek Italian machine like the Ducati. In this case, those are the perfect words to describe this versatile, smooth-running machine. This bike can be used for anything from day trips to commuting to the track. This bike turns like a dream thanks to expert design and engineering, so lean in with confidence, dominating the chain. Unlike the other bikes on this list, there’s a finesse to the handling. The ergonomics of the position make this bike an ideal choice for those looking for comfort during hours in the saddle.

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6/10 BMW S1000RR

A three-quarter front view of the 2022 BMW S1000RR

This lightweight bike—440 pounds—and its 999cc engine make the S1000RR an enjoyable ride for anyone of any skill level. It’s a bike that can grow with you from your first day on the track to your 100th. When the race mode is engaged, you get a lot more feel from the bike to feel more like a race. The narrow front helps it slice through the air for an aerodynamic look and performance. While the huge air intake ensures that the engine receives as much fresh air as possible for maximum performance. If you really want to stand out on track day, consider the M Sport package. It comes with a special BMW racing team livery, a lighter battery and carbon fiber wheels.

5/10 Suzuki GSX-R1000 A picture of a Suzuki GSX-R1000

The GSX-R1000 is a track mainstay that is becoming a workhorse among racehorses. It may not look impressive or have the latest technology. However, this does not mean that it should be dismissed as unsuitable for the track. It’s an everyman bike that’s great for the weekend track enthusiast who needs to get back to the 9-5 on Monday morning. It gives a great thrill without feeling like you’re about to take your jacket off. What’s nice about this bike is that you can easily transition from the track to the street, giving you the full enjoyment of the bike.

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4/10 Honda CBR 600RR

This bike remains popular because it is very reliable. He not only regularly appears in professional races, but also ranks among ordinary racers. Bike reliability goes beyond stable handling. It’s also affordable to maintain and repair, making it great for those who regularly attend sports days but don’t have an endless budget. It may not have the latest technology that the other bikes on this list have, but the radial brakes and adjustable suspension make this bike unbeatable.

3/10 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The “H” in H2R stands for Hypersport, a perfect name for this objectively insane bike. It is equipped with a carbon fiber body that has wings. It has a 1 liter supercharged engine that can easily reach 240 mph. It puts out so much horsepower that it’s essentially a supercar at a light weight. Not only is the performance a face melter, but the looks are aggressive and sure to turn heads. This bike is designed for those who are not only experienced. You need experienced hands, a bold attitude and deep pockets. It’s worth every penny, though, as there’s nothing quite like it on road and track.

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2/10 KTM RC-8C

Shot of a pair of orange 2022 KTM RC 8Cs on the track

Unfortunately, KTM doesn’t get much attention in the sports bike category. The RC-8C is a track-only bike based on the 890 Duke R. Everything about this bike screams “race day,” from the tubular steel frame to the custom racing exhaust. To reduce weight as much as possible, it has a carbon fiber body with MotoGP-style aerodynamic wings. The bike also comes with a ton of spare parts, so you’re ready to swap in a snap. This is not a bike for riders going on their first day at the track. This bike is designed for experienced track enthusiasts who want to improve their performance.

1/10 BMW HP4

Side profile shot of the 2017 BMW HP4 in the paddock

This is a BMW motorcycle built to compete with the Ducati Superleggera. It took the S1000RR and retuned the engine to make it as high-end as possible, delivering more racing performance. It was then placed in a carbon fiber chassis and fitted with carbon fiber body panels. It even rides on carbon wheels. You’d be right to assume that it’s extremely light for the amount of power it puts out. In true BMW fashion, every detail of the bike has been carefully considered. The result is a race bike that won’t disappoint on track day. Unlike some of the more popular bikes on this list, this one is a bit of a sleeper, so you’ll stand out with something unique.