The most effective theories are those that are suited individually to one sport. In football, for example, a corner strategy.

Success is due to the fact that the user searches for prospects in a narrow field. This allows one to delve deep into current patterns and sometimes accurately predict the course of events.

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Analyse your niche and your bets

Any theory is based on the current patterns and peculiarities of the chosen championship. As time goes by, the tournaments may change: a lot of money is poured in, the level is raised. Because of this, new patterns emerge, which require improvement of the theory used.

You should study your betting history, analyzing which parameters win more often:

  • Types of bets.
  • Tournaments and sports directions.
  • Level of odds.

By leaving the most passable sports betting, the player will increase his profits.

The main reasons for losing by systems

There are three main reasons why a player loses the whole game bank. One of them is especially different from the other two.


It is better to approach sports betting with a cool head and an accurate calculation. In case of a big success you must be able to stop in time and withdraw part of the money you won. If you lose, you must not deviate from the chosen theory and try to change it, being on emotion.

Bad bankroll management

A poorly chosen financial strategy is a common cause of failure when using the game theory.

You have to be able to combine finance and tactics in a smart way. A strategy that works, based on winning clear favorites, will work better when using the Ladder. Bets with the safety net on the positive odds of the outright underdogs at 1.7-1.8 are worth doing in the flat.

Excessive Gambling

The owner of such a characteristic is better to refrain from playing in bookmaker offices. Excessive excitement always leads to over-the-top emotions. In such a situation, you should not bet on sports. Emotions hinder competent analysis of the match and make good decisions.

Poor knowledge of the niche

If you don’t know enough about the sports and tournaments you are playing, even a good strategy will lead to losses.

It is better to choose 1 or 2 destinations and a few tournaments in each. This will give you a deep knowledge of each championship, which will be the basis for successful playing of the correctly selected strategies.